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IV Therapy services offered in Springville, UT

You may have heard the buzz about IV therapy and all of the benefits achievable through this popular wellness treatment. When you’re ready to explore this treatment for yourself, Joseph Dragon, FNP-BC, of Dragon Healthcare Services and Med Spa in Springville, Utah, is here to help. Book an appointment online or by phone to give IV therapy a try!

What is IV therapy?

You’re probably familiar with the concept of intravenous therapy (IV therapy) from emergency or hospital medical services. The approach uses a needle to place a thin piece of medical tubing into a vein on your hand or wrist. 

The other end of the tubing attaches to a bag that contains a saline solution. Adding medications and nutrients to this solution allows your practitioner to infuse a known quantity of those substances into your bloodstream. 

In medical settings, this means you get the precise dose of medication your practitioner intended. In wellness settings, you receive a powerful infusion of vitamins and nutrients designed to meet your specific needs. 

What are the benefits of IV therapy?

You can certainly take in most of the nutrients you need through food sources. However, meeting your daily recommended needs requires extensive meal planning, prepping, and access to a wide variety of fruit, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats. For most people, attaining optimal nutrition through food sources alone isn’t easy. 

Supplements can help, but extensive research shows that a significant volume of most supplements passes through your digestive system intact. This means your body received no benefit from that portion of the supplement. 

That’s where IV nutrition therapy comes in. By delivering nutrients directly into your bloodstream, there’s no need to navigate the digestive tract. You (and your practitioner) know exactly what you’re getting. 

IV nutrition therapy comes in numerous different formulations, each designed to meet specific needs, including the following areas of focus:

  • Immune boost
  • Hangover recovery
  • Weight loss
  • Headaches
  • Workout recovery
  • Fatigue fighter
  • NAD+ (for energy and brain function)
  • Cognitive boost

Many people come in for IV therapy to achieve a general nutrition and hydration boost.

What types of IV therapy are offered?

The following IV therapy services are offered at Dragon Healthcare Services:

ALA infusion

ALA infusions help with lowering blood sugar levels, reducing inflammation in the body, and improving overall nerve function.


NAD + is used to aid in alcoholism and drug dependency detox. It also aids in the treatment of Age-related Diseases (Cognitive Impairment and Parkinson’s Disease)

Taurine push

Taurine helps with digestion in the body. It also helps regulate minerals and plays a vital role in immune support.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is often used to recommend to treat and regulate Type 2 Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, and diabetic neuropathy. 


Glutathione is often used to help achieve a beautifully radiant skin glow, aid with injury healing, as well as recommend to treat Parkinson's disease. 

Myers Cocktail

This infusion is one of the most common of all of the IV drips. It is made up of Magnesium, Calcium, B-complex, B12, and Vitamin C.

Immunity Booster

This infusion is made up of Zinc, Vitamin C, and B12. This is best used for an immunity boost, an acute infection, prior to surgery or travel, or auto immune conditions.

Athletic Performance

This infusion contains Amino Acids, B-complex, and B12. It may be suitable for athletes who are looking for a boost in energy/performance. 

MIC Injections

MIC injections are used to aid in weight loss. The typical combos will have MIC+B12 or MIC+B12+B6.

Vitamin C injections

These injections are used to help aid in hydration and immune support. They can also be used to recommend to treat cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation. 

Athletic Performance injections

These are typically used to boost performance and endurance during long durations of exercise. They are typically comprised of Amino Acids, B12, and other vitamins and nutrients. 

If you’re ready to learn more, call the Dragon Healthcare Services and Med Spa office to check appointment availability or schedule with our online feature.