Medical Cannabis Evaluation 2

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Medical Cannabis Evaluation

Medical Cannabis Evaluation

Medical cannabis, (or marijuana,) uses the marijuana plant, or the chemicals in the plant, to treat disease and other conditions. It is a similar product as recreational marijuana, but is used for medical purposes.

Marijuana plants contain more than 100 different chemicals, or cannabinoids. Each cannabinoid has a different effect on the body. Delt-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol CBS are the chemicals used in medicine. THC produces the high felt when eating foods with marijuana or smoking the weed.

Some conditions treated by medical marijuana include:

Medical Cannabis Evaluation
  • Remarkable anti-aging effects
  • Smoother, more refined facial features
  • Takes years off your face
  • Affordable alternative to surgical procedures
  • Restores self-confidence
  • Non-surgical treatment

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